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Alibaba’s  cloud computing business is to deploy its big data services package for cities in Kuala Lumpur to help Malaysia’s government with the running of its capital city and potentially other parts of the country in the future.

“City Brain,” an Alibaba Cloud service that uses big data and artificial intelligence on its cloud computing infrastructure, will be put to use in the city after an agreement with local council Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) was announced today.

City Brain was first adopted by the government of Hangzhou, Alibaba’s home city, in 2016 to help run operations more efficiently. That’s quite a nebulous scope of work, but essentially the service pulls in all kinds of data — including video feeds, social media and traffic information — which is then processed to provide information that helps to manage daily activities. That could be responding to a traffic accident, or providing the data to redesign parts of the city to reduce vehicle congestion.

Last August, Alibaba Cloud signed an agreement to bring City Brain to Macau last year, but this Malaysia deployment will mark the first move outside of Greater China.

Initially, the system will be put to work on traffic, with the potential to help on town planning, incident response, and other emergency services such as calculating the optimal route to a scene. Alibaba said it plans to expand the scope of its influence to cover areas that will be of interest to enterprises, startups, entrepreneurs and academic and research institutions.



libaba Group on Friday signed an agreement to help Macau transform itself into a “smart city” via cloud-computing technology.

Under terms of the four-year partnership, China’s largest online and mobile marketplace said it will leverage the group’s cloud-computing technologies to collaborate with the Macau government to foster development of tourism, transportation, healthcare, city governance and talent-nurturing.

“Alibaba Cloud’s big data and deep-learning technologies have been helping to build ‘city brains’ in China to improve well-being in urban living,” said Alibaba Cloud President Simon Hu in a statement. “Leveraging our technological advancement and experience into this tailored project, we are confident that the success of Macau’s digital transformation will serve as an example of a truly smart city in the region.”

“After thorough study and research, we have decided to collaborate with Alibaba Group to foster the development of cloud computing and big-data technologies,” said O Lam, chief of office for Macau’s Chief Executive. “Leveraging the power of these technologies and connecting resources of different government departments, the project is expected to enhance the model of socioeconomic operation in Macau, expediting the city’s transition into a truly smart city.”